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The Other WP is a brand managed by Vertixe Labs SL (ESB39774526, c/Serna Occina 31, 2D, 39740 – SantoƱa, Cantabria), where users can find information about the newsletter of the same name. Every Tuesday morning we send our newsletter so you don’t miss the a new story from the WordPress world, and to subscribe we ask for your email and your name.

For privacy purposes, we inform you that the purpose of the requested data is to provide the service of sending newsletter, that the data controller is Vertixe Labs SL, that we do not give this information to third parties or rooms to do mischief, and that we do not use your email for anything other than send you that newsletter. We share your email with MailerLite whose privacy policy according to the RGPD you can read here so we can send it -through the cool NewsletterGlue plugin-. This site is hosted by SiteGround, so the comments you leave and your data will be in one of their databases, but they also have a lot of clauses to protect you. And lastly, we use ManageWP for backups, it’s a, LLC company that also has privacy clauses and data processing agreements so you can sleep easy.

For the purposes of cookies, which are those files with information sent by a website and stored in your browser absolutely harmless and harmless, you don’t have to worry because we don’t use any. We don’t store secret information about you or anything else, so we are harmless. And don’t I measure the web traffic? Yes, through Fathom Analytics, a privacy-focused tool that doesn’t use cookies, anonymizes all information and complies with the RGPD. You can investigate it here. Apart from this there is a session cookie that you have to accept when leaving a comment in case you don’t want to be entering the data again and again. Really, that’s all there is to it.

For legal purposes, you visiting us or surfing the web is good. The intellectual property of this website is protected by a CC BY-SA license, that is, you can share it as is and we force you to cite us as authors, because if you copy us or link to us at least let people know who we are. Here, the more the better.

By the way, this website consists of articles and sometimes they have lots of links to external sites, to show you information or facilitate your searches. That does not mean that I have any control over those sites or the contents they show, and consequently I cannot assume any association or responsibility for what you do on them, nor guarantee their technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy or truthfulness. I show you the way, and then you decide if you want to follow it or not.

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